Special Assessments: What HOA and Condominium Board Members, Owners and Buyers Need to Know

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Special assessments are a topic that comes up only occasionally with most single-family residential homeowners associations, but can come up more frequently with townhome associations or condominium associations, and even more often for condominiums located at the coast.  That’s because buildings on the coast suffer weather-related effects that can require major, […]

Agency Law and Your HOA or Small Business

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A client recently posed this question: “If a singular board member of an HOA incorrectly tells an owner that a requested fence installation is approved, does it bind the HOA?  I recently had a board member tell an owner he was approved incorrectly.” Seems simple, right? If an architectural review […]

The Wild West, Tamed a Bit

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Although far from comprehensive, the South Carolina legislature has successfully taken its first steps to regulate homeowners’ associations. The South Carolina Homeowners Association Act (“Act”) became official on May 17, 2018 when the governor signed it into law. Up to this point, South Carolina has never had a comprehensive law […]

What to do About Director Resignations

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From time to time we receive questions regarding the resignation of directors, term expiration and what to do in the event of a mass resignation by the existing board.  The North Carolina Planning Community Act, Condominium Act, and the Non-Profit Corporation Act address certain issues with regards to directors’ terms […]