Management Companies

The association manager is a vital part of the successful operation of any HOA, and a quality manager not only makes the HOA members’ lives easier, but also makes our jobs as attorneys easier as well by fostering good communication and providing experienced, practical insight. Our attorneys work directly with association managers and management companies in the Charlotte metro area and throughout North Carolina to advise on processes, interpret or amend documents, assist with meetings and hearings, and provide effective assessment collection. We zealously advocate for managers and boards while also advising on practical resolutions to limit liability for associations and managers. 

As all managers are aware, education on current legal matters is key to properly advising boards.  We provide regular educational opportunities that provide up-to-date legal information as well as review and reinforcement of common issues that arise in meetings, interaction with members, and operation of the HOA. Our attorneys are always available to managers to answer a question, attend a board or member meeting, and generally to assist in sorting through the complex issues that managers are presented with. 

We realize that managers are on the front lines of HOA operation and therefore strive for constant, open communication to develop longstanding relationships so to be able to properly and quickly advise on HOA matters in a practical way. The managers we work with closely will generally have our attorneys’ cell phone numbers for when issues arise after hours or on weekends. We count many of the association managers we work with as personal friends; our job satisfaction comes from knowing that many of them feel the same about us and that they count on us as valuable members of their HOA team.

Our attorneys and paralegals understand the HOA business and are armed with specific knowledge, tools and training to help managers deal with situations quickly, efficiently and effectively. After all, if the association manager is happy, then generally the HOA is happy and healthy as well.

We are active members of the Community Associations Institute and regularly attend and present at CAI and other industry functions. We enjoy meeting with our community manager clients on-site and regularly provide educational briefings both at managers’ offices and in group settings open to all board members of particular association managers. Contact us today if you are interested in practical advice, cost-effective for the communities you manage.