Residential – HOA Law

We represents hundreds of residential HOAs throughout the Charlotte area and throughout North Carolina. We have also set up many associations for developers, and often help board members, developers and management companies work through problems and make changes to existing HOAs. Some of the areas we assist our residential homeowners association clients with include:

  • Collections, liens and foreclosures
  • Board meetings, budget meetings and annual meetings
  • Architectural review issues and drafting architectural guidelines
  • Covenant violations and violation hearings
  • Amendment to covenants such as adding leasing restrictions, architectural standards, etc.
  • Issues with contractors
  • Reviewing and advising regarding HOA management company contracts
  • Problems with common areas, amenities, swimming pools and clubhouses
  • Mergers of associations or issues involving master and sub-associations
  • Drafting bylaws, policies, procedures, resolutions and other homeowners association documents
  • Working through disputes with homeowners
  • Assisting with developer transition issues
  • Litigation involving homeowners associations
  • Water, sewer and utility line and service issues
  • Public and private road issues and working with the N.C. DOT
  • Issues involving gated subdivisions including gate and private street matters
  • Boatslips
  • Pets
  • If it involves homeowners associations, we’ve probably seen it before and can help you through it.
  • We don’t represent individual homeowners against their associations.

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