Moretz Law Group, P.A. is a homeowners association, business and commercial real estate law firm in Charlotte, North Carolina and has one of the largest community association law practices in North Carolina. We call our Community Association Law Practice Group “HOA Ninjas” because we know the secrets of keeping HOAs out of trouble and rescuing them from evil.

We represent hundreds of residential, commercial and condominium associations throughout North Carolina, and also help developers, homeowners and management companies create new HOAs and fix problems in existing HOAs. (We don’t represent individual homeowners against their HOAs.) Our Ninjas use their special skills and many years of experience to provide practical, real-world advice and documentation that helps our HOAs operate with zen-like efficiency, stay peaceful and resolve disputes harmoniously.

Contact our HOA Ninjas if you need legal assistance for your North Carolina HOA, property owners association, or condominium.

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Don’t Panic! Recent N.C. Court of Appeals Cases Causing Confusion for Restrictive Covenants in Older Neighborhoods in North Carolina

You may have heard about a pair of 2021 N.C. Court of Appeals decisions interpreting the N.C. Real Property Marketable Title Act and calling into doubt the enforceability of older restrictive covenants. Don’t panic! Read our post instead: Don’t Panic! Recent NC Court of Appeals Cases Cause Confusion for Older Restrictive Covenants

Your HOA’s Governing Docs – Please Don’t Call Them Bylaws!

Our HOA Ninjas have a little pet peeve when it comes to terminology: folks who refer to the governing documents for their community association as “the bylaws.” So (to borrow from Shakespeare) what’s in a name? []

Maximizing Votes at an HOA Meeting or Election

Since many HOAs conduct their annual and/or budget meetings this time of year, we are reprinting this post from 2014 about maximizing attendance at your HOA meetings. Many HOAs and condominium associations have annual meetings coming up this time of year, or special meetings to amend their covenants, conditions and []

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