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Unhappy Property (Manager) Loses in South Carolina

“If you think hiring a professional is expensive, try hiring an amateur.” – Anonymous In South Carolina, as in most states, there exist various consumer protection and licensing laws, intended to protect the public from the unauthorized practice of law (or “UPL”, as it is often referred).  Of course, only […]

Who’s Liable? (Video)

In this video we learn about how to solve the big question, “Who’s liable?” More great tips and tricks from the HOA Ninjas at Moretz & Skufca! Remember to check out our website HOANinjas.com and our blog nchoalawblog.com Thanks for watching!

What to do About Director Resignations

From time to time we receive questions regarding the resignation of directors, term expiration and what to do in the event of a mass resignation by the existing board.  The North Carolina Planning Community Act, Condominium Act, and the Non-Profit Corporation Act address certain issues with regards to directors’ terms […]

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Moretz & Skufca is a business, real estate, and family law law firm in Charlotte, North Carolina and has one of the largest community association law practices in North and South Carolina. We call our Community Association Law Practice Group “HOA Ninjas” because we know the secrets of keeping HOAs out of trouble and rescuing them from evil.

We represent hundreds of residential, commercial and condominium associations throughout the Carolinas, and also help developers, homeowners and management companies create new HOAs and fix problems in existing HOAs. (We don’t represent individual homeowners against their HOAs.) Our Ninjas use their special skills and many years of experience to provide practical, real-world advice and documentation that helps our HOAs operate with zen-like efficient, stay peaceful and resolve disputes harmoniously.

Contact our real estate attorneys in Charlotte or Concord if you need legal assistance for your HOA or codominium.

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